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Market Demand Is Pushing Innovation Progress of Hammer Mill

The selection of the material depends on the working condition and other requirements of the working parts because the hammer crusher is used for crushing medium hard and super hard materials such as lime stone. For this reason, the hammer often adopts high manganese low content alloy steel, and some companies even coat cemented carbide on the working surface. In 2012, along with national a series of fiscal policy support, in our country mining machinery industry usher in new opportunities. Throughout the crusher industry,

Hammer mill enterprise still in the traditional mode of development, technology research and development areas will comply with the national policies and regulations, with the market pace, blend in the concept of low carbon environmental protection product research and development, strive to form a new breakthrough in the field of energy-saving hammer crusher.Market demand is our crusher innovative motivation and basis, for countries to encourage ore at the same time also strengthened the consolidation in the mining market. With large Numbers of small coal mines, the cement enterprise is closed, the big new concentrator, large coal preparation plant and large cement plant construction in succession, the urgent need to large capacity, high separating efficiency and reliable operation of energy conservation and environmental protection crushing machinery and equipment.

This put forward higher demand for mining equipment, mining environmental protection equipment automation, large scale and high efficiency and energy saving of the future development of crushing machinery mining machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises direction. As domestic mining machinery Jaw Crusher industry leader, Henan Hongxing heavy machinery co., LTD thought, in the face of calm and still the good development path, the enterprise should always follow the traditional capacity expansion, increase investment, achieve multi-functional development purposes. So, in the product design phase, Henan Hongxing heavy industry is more emphasis on the application of energy-saving concept, lay the foundation for later direction, but the pursuit of practical results should also step by step. So, in 2012, Henan Hongxing heavy industry recommended crusher enterprise should be careful to face for large-scale, should take the market as the leading factor, through targeted research and development to win market opportunities.

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