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Merits and Faults that China Jaw Crusher Owns

In domestic, there are many different kinds of crusher, the number is about many hundreds, but in terms of its movement properties they can be divided into compound pendulum and simple pendulum. In domestic, conservative compound pendulum of jaw crusher is widely used. Although there are many kinds of types, the quality of jaw crusher is falling behind the foreign “s. Since the structure of jaw crusher is simple, and easy to manufacture, domestic enterprises manufacturer a lot, but most of the products are different levels, so, we should find out the gap, at the same time we should develop and enhance the technical level, only in this way, jaw crusher machine can stand in the world and have a bright future. With the development of modern science and technology, the rapid development of the crusher is also the trend of the times, because the demand was increasing in quality and quantity, and the development of small and medium-sized cement glass industry is more significant, jaw crusher is most widely used among the other crushers, and the number and production scale is the biggest, thus, jaw crusher becomes the most common equipment in the crusher industry.

Performance of China jaw crusher is mainly based on features of dynamic jaw movement, and the best movement characteristics are got by mechanism optimization design. Therefore, the optimization design of jaw crusher is the basic way that can ensure crushers to have the best performance. The weight of jaw crusher is generally heavier than the same specifications of the crusher, while, it is also an obvious shortcoming. Even in this kind of condition, due to domestic crusher has price advantage, foreign single of jaw crusher rarely entered the domestic market, and it is generally sold with complete sets of equipment to the domestic customers, so if we further enhance technology of domestic jaw crusher, not only it will occupy domestic market, but also it will have a strong competitiveness in international market. This is the development direction of jaw crusher in China.

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