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The hidden face of the Mobile World Congress

The famous Mobile World Congress also has a hidden part that goes beyond the technological innovations that it presents every year.

More than one hundred thousand people visit Barcelona during the MWC

In just a couple of days, one of the most anticipated events of the year will be held in Barcelona: the Mobile World Congress (MWC). From February 26 to March 1, more than 2,300 exhibitors will show the main advances in sectors such as smart telephony, augmented reality or voice assistants, to more than one hundred thousand visitors from different countries of the world.

This event has become a benchmark internationally, not in vain is the largest fair in the sector and brings together every year the most important brands and the largest experts in this field.

Barcelona Night club’s multiply their clientele during the MWC

But not everything is technology around the Mobile World Congress, this great event also has a hidden side. And when the day is over, most exhibitors and visitors seek entertainment in the streets of Barcelona.

Tour the city appreciating the beauty of its historic center, visit the main tourist spots, but also go to the famous adult leisure centers in search of company.

The veterans who attend the MWC every year already know where the local hostesses are located, while the newcomers in the congress use the know-it-all Google to search for “escorts Barcelona MWC&” and know which are the night clubs that offer this service.

For the nostalgia they feel to be so far from home, since the majority of visitors to the MWC are foreigners, or for the simple morbid, the fact is that during the days of the Mobile World Congress the hostess clubs of the city multiply their clientele.

Among the entire offer, the preferred alternatives are the Haima group, the most important conglomerate of nightclubs in the Catalan capital, which during the days of the congress are full due to the spectacular rise in demand.

The visitors ask the girls for all kinds of services from the time they are accompanied to the fair, through various fantasies, to orgies. There are as many types of services as there are clients.